HardwarePT adds Wonderware Compact Panels

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Cheadle, UK, 17th April 2008 – HardwarePT, a division of SolutionsPT Ltd limited, have added a range of compact panels to its comprehensive Applications Ready Platform portfolio.

HardwarePT adds Wonderware Compact Panels as Part of its Applications Ready Platforms offerings Scalable, Enterprise-Wide HMI and SCADA Offerings included

Cheadle, UK, 17th April 2008 – HardwarePT, a division of SolutionsPT Ltd limited, have added a range of compact panels to its comprehensive Applications Ready Platform portfolio. The new panels are the entry point to the its latest integrated and scalable HMI and SCADA software solutions that can manage a single machine, production line, complete plant or a customer’s entire automation and information enterprise.

The compact panels are an ideal alternative to standalone, proprietary operator interface panels. The panels combine robust hardware with powerful Wonderware human-machine interface (HMI) software to provide a comprehensive solution for supervising and managing industrial and manufacturing operations.

The new compact panel computers offer superior ease of installation and a competitive entry-level price point by bundling a subset of the latest HMI runtime functionality of InTouch 10.0 software with rugged, industrial touch-screen operator panels running Microsoft Windows CE v6.0 software.

The panels are offered in a range of screen sizes and are manufactured to comply with various industrial environment ratings including NEMA 4X/IP 66 and Class 1, Div. 2.

In contrast to proprietary operator interface panels, these compact panel computers enable customers to benefit from a common visualisation strategy from the smallest devices to a network of servers or hundreds of clients all operating and managed with a common, easy to use Wonderware software toolset.

The compact panels are configured and managed via the Wonderware’s Development Studio, which is designed to enable IT and engineering teams to collaborate on software application modelling, development, change management and deployment across the full range of Wonderware software applications. These applications include the latest InTouch 10.0 HMI software, System Platform 3.0 software and ArchestrA technology-based applications modules from Wonderware. Compact panels complement existing industrial computer offerings from HardwarePT and are designed for original equipment manufacturers, machine builders and customers requiring a local, yet networked panel-type solution.

Via its ‘Application Ready Platforms’ offerings HardwarePT now provides a single, unified software platform for all plant visualisation applications with universal data connectivity, rich extensibility and support for a wide breadth of the latest modern hardware including multi-core servers, desktops, touch panels, box PCs, tablets, thin-clients, and now, Microsoft CE-based panel computers.

“These compact panel offerings enable customers to utilise InTouch 10.0 software consistently across all devices in a plant at an extraordinary value,” said Louise Knowles, HardwarePT marketing manager. “

HardwarePT provides a single source for customers by providing the world’s leading HMI software fully integrated, pre-installed, licensed and compatibility-tested with these and other best-of-breed industrial computers. Its innovative software approach with ArchestrA-based applications enables companies to significantly improve their bottom line by retaining current application engineering investments and delivering new efficiencies with rapid standardisation of software solutions across a customer’s organisation.

“These compact panel computers include a bundled package of hardware and runtime software, which is ready to use right out of the box,” Knowles said. “These computers will enable engineers to save time by creating applications in only one development environment instead of using multiple proprietary operator interface products. Additionally, their design encourages lower training time and improve HMI familiarity and accuracy through the use of one common user-friendly interface.”
About HardwarePT
HardwarePT is a division of SolutionsPT Ltd, a Pantek Group Company

The brand HardwarePT was launched in March 2007 and offers a comprehensive range of world-class industrial hardware and connectivity tools suitable for all industrial environments.
HardwarePT supplies branded products and integrated solutions built with leading edge technology to support key industrial requirements such as Continuous Availability, Industrial Ethernet, Thin Client Technology, Legacy Systems and Continuous Improvement.

The majority of products will withstand harsh industrial environments and can help improve ROI and decrease manufacturing downtime, visit www.hardwarept.co.uk for more information.

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