HardwarePT introduces New Generation of Modbus Data Gateways

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Cheadle Royal, Cheshire, UK, 31st October 2008 - HardwarePT, a division of SolutionsPT Limited has announced the availability of Advantech's advanced EKI-1220 Modbus data gateway series, featuring fast 1, 2 or 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports with 2 x Ethernet ports. EKI-1221, EKI-1222 and EKI-1224 Modbus data gateways support Modbus RTU/ASCII master and slave modes simultaneously, with high speed data transfer rates and dual LAN redundancy, providing the most modern and reliable Modbus Data gateways available.  Advanced Modbus Gateway Functionality

Last generation Modbus gateways have low baud rates and only support Modbus RTU/ASCII slave mode. Advantech's EKI-1220 Modbus data gateway series provides 921kbaud speeds and are designed to fulfil any master/slave relationship. Moreover, the advanced EKI-1220 Modbus data gateway series supports 16 TCP masters, 16 TCP slaves, and each serial port supports up to 31 RTU/ASCII slave devices. In other words, the EKI-1224 has 4 serial ports supporting up to 124 devices.

Simultaneous Dual LAN Redundancy
Dual Ethernet ports allow the EKI-1220 series to establish two separate physical Ethernet connections so that if one of the connections is broken, the Modbus gateway will switch to the other connection automatically. This idea of 'redundancy' within a network can guarantee that devices will always be connected and that information will never be lost.

Industrial Design for Demanding Applications
EKI-1221/1222/1224 also have built-in dual power inputs (DC 12~48V) with 1 power fail relay output to detect power operation status and ensure reliable operation. Like other members of the EKI Industrial Ethernet family, EKI-1221/1222/1224 are built in a compact and thin DIN-rail mount form factor with an IP30 metal housing, 3000 VDC surge protection for the power line, plus 4000 VDC ESD protection on the Ethernet ports, and feature an operating temperature range of 0 to 60° C. Under any rigorous environment conditions, the EKI-1221/1222/1224 provide non-stop operations with advanced features and user-friendly designs.

HardwarePT - Industrial Computing HardwarePT is an Industrial Automation Hardware business offering a comprehensive range of world-class industrial computing and connectivity tools to the Industrial Automation market in the UK and Ireland. The company, which is located in Cheadle, was set-up in March 2007 and is a division of SolutionsPT Ltd which has over 20 years experience in supplying Industrial Automation Solutions. Product range includes: Industrial Computers, Panel PC's, Flat Panel Computers, Embedded Computers, Touch Panel Computers, Industrial Ethernet Switches, Network Interface Cards, High Availability Servers and Hardware Support.

The firm delivers comprehensive services to customers, which is intended to be cost effective for everyone. HardwarePT has its own workshop for configuration, test, burn-in and support. The business also has friendly staff helping clients to reduce their risk in today's competitive climate. Support packages include pre and post sales consultancy, design work, custom builds, legacy equipment support, on-site repairs and site scans.

We are an eAutomation Premier Partner with Advantech; a global leader in industrial computer solutions Advantech's eAutomation Group has been devoted to the development of innovative products and technologies for over 25 years and has grown into a well-known global business organisation with a presence in 36 major cities in 18 countries. All solutions built by the eAutomation group deliver high-performance products built on rugged, industrial-grade designs. For over 20 years, Advantech has striven to lead the world of automation components and services. Their goal is to stay at the forefront, stepping confidently into the future.

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