Improved access for tanks and vessels

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Alfa Laval has introduced a new range of tank manhole covers designed to provide safe and easy access to tanks and vessels used in sanitary applications in the food, wine, beverage and dairy industries.

Suitable both for tanks and containers such as bottling and washing machines, the manhole covers are designed to provide a lockable means of access to the interior of a vessel. There are models specifically intended for installation above or below the internal liquid level of the tank and the covers can be supplied in oval, circular and rectangular shapes.
Where a cover is required only for inspection purposes it is designed to open inwards. Alternatively, outward or side-swing opening versions are supplied where physical access to the interior of a vessel is required.

Sanitary tank covers enhance Alfa Laval’s comprehensive range of tank cleaning equipment including rotary spray heads, agitators and ancillaries which is, in turn, part of a comprehensive range encompassing heat exchangers and pumps, valves and tube fittings specifically developed to meet the stringent sanitary demands of the food, Pharma and similar industries.

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