Lapp Makes ‘Light’ Work of Cabling and Connecting Solar Panels

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Cables for indoor and outdoor use provide complete‘Roof to Cellar’ solution

Leading cable solutions provider, Lapp Ltd, has made available a range of cable and connector products designed specifically for use with photo-voltaic (PV) panels. With cable products available for both indoor and outdoor use and a range of compatible connector systems, Lapp’s product range for renewable energy is among the most comprehensive available.

“We have been working closely with both manufacturers and users of PV panels and inverters and, as a result, have developed the latest additions to our Lapptherm® Solar and Solarlok® ranges.” Says Product Marketing Manager Matt Ansell  “These products are designed to offer complete renewable energy cabling solutions from the roof to the cellar in applications where solar cells are connected with each other, or with the terminal box and the inverter.” he concludes.

Lapptherm Solar cables are available in a variety of sizes to suit applications ranging from narrow conduits to inverter connection in large, multi-PV panel installations. Cables are also available for use in agricultural installations such as farm buildings and stables.

According to Lapp, the selection of the materials for the insulation and outer sheath of a cable is of vital importance in PV panel applications. In outdoor applications, the outer sheath can be exposed to highly demanding weather conditions, UV-rays, Ozone and a high variation in temperature. The operating temperature properties of Lapptherm Solar cables can be up to +120ºC, making them able to cope easily with weathering through permanently high temperatures. This makes Lapptherm Solar cables suitable for installation in hot areas throughout the world. This also applies to UV resistance where the insulation material used avoids pre-ageing brittleness and the potential for cable failure. Additional product benefits including tinned conductors, cross-linked materials and additional reinforcements has resulted in increased durability and a longer shelf life.

For the most ideal connection between Lapptherm Solar cables and the PV panel, Lapp has introduced additions to its Solarlok connector range. All common conductor cross sections can be inserted easily to give waterproof results and the connector and couplers snap in with an audible click and provide a connection with an IP67 rated seal. They can be re-opened as required without the need for special tools. Like the Lapptherm cables they compliment, Solarlok connectors provide enhanced resistance to UV radiation, weathering and temperature.


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