Laser Marking and Kiss Cutting Labels

1 min read

Laser-markable labels provide an elegant solution for many labelling challenges including equipment faceplates, bar-coded inventory tags, custom signage, and piping labels to list a few.

For this application, the set-up consisted of a Synrad laser, FH Series marking head, and WinMark Pro laser marking software. A 200 mm focusing lens - chosen to accommodate the 4.5" × 2" final label size - provided a 290-micron (0.011") spot size with a 5 mm (0.2") depth of focus.

WinMark Pro's Simple stroke font was selected for text objects that vary in height from 0.1 to 0.2 inches high. The company logo was created using a TrueType® font. Indicator lines were drawn and rotated in WinMark Pro, which now allows line rotation in increments of 0.01 degrees. All label text and indicator lines were marked with 6 watts of power at a velocity of 15 inches per second (IPS). Kiss cuts for label outline, switch, and LED cutouts were done using 22 watts at 15 IPS. Overall cycle time to mark and cut is 6.47 seconds per label.

The faceplate shown was created entirely in WinMark Pro. Some label elements such as switch and LED indicator cut-outs are kiss cut to create clean holes through to the backing paper; while text elements are marked at lower powers, creating crisp, legible text and switch position guides. The last kiss cut is one that trims the label stock to the exact size of the equipment faceplate.

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