Last week's poll: Brexit after the election

Engineer readers are split on the most likely effect of the General election result of the terms of the deal that the government will seek on the UK's exit from the EU

We saw a most unusual and intriguing result from our poll last week on the effects of the election result on the likely terms of Brexit. Generally, we see a clear winner even if the leading option does not attract a majority of responses; but last week brought us a dead-heat, with two options both gathering 31 per cent of the 494 respondents. In terms of actual numbers voting, the option for the government not changing its negotiating stance had a very slight lead (three votes) over the UK staying within the single market and customs union. As these two options represent the closest to 'leave' and 'remain', this result could be seen as reflecting the still highly polarised state of UK opinion, except it should be remembered that at the time of the referendum, more Engineer readers were in favour of remaining than of leaving.

The next option saw 15 per cent of respondents voting for the government relaxing its demands on immigration control, while 12 per cent believed that the UK would stay in the customs union and 11 per cent declined to pick one of our options.

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