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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Minitab Inc. yesterday announced the release of Quality Companion® 3, the latest version of its software for managing and executing quality improvement projects, at

Quality Companion is an all-in-one package that complements the company’s flagship product, Minitab® Statistical Software, which companies worldwide use to tackle the statistical data analysis at the heart of every Six Sigma project.

 Quality Companion 3 introduces many new features, including:

The ability to import Microsoft Visio® diagrams
User-created custom data fields and categories
More powerful Project Manager
New brainstorming templates
Many ease-of-use improvements 
Companies including Xerox, Target and BHP Billiton use Quality Companion to manage their improvement projects. Minitab gathered extensive feedback from users to ensure the new capabilities added in Quality Companion 3 help solve real-world challenges.

"If you’re involved in quality improvement, you know that Minitab Statistical Software helps you analyze your data," says Cate Twohill, Minitab product manager. "Now, Quality Companion helps you with everything else."  

Quality Companion makes it easy to outline, complete and present projects. At the start of a project, the Project Roadmap™ helps plot a clear course of action. Adding built-in tools to the Roadmap creates a detailed plan for the entire project—and the means to complete each step.

Quality Companion provides essential "soft" tools such as process mapping, brainstorming and reporting. It also includes more than 100 templates, including C&E Matrix, FMEA and Project Charter, which are easily customized to fit any organization. 

Quality Companion offers on-demand guidance, with built-in Coaches that give expert advice from experienced Six Sigma professionals.

When a project ends, Companion maintains the entire project in one easy-to-manage file, making it simple to archive and review in the future.

Quality Companion 3 includes the enhanced Quality Companion Dashboard, a utility that aggregates and displays details of all projects in a single view.  "The Dashboard summarizes information across your projects to help you evaluate your progress and success," Twohill explains. "Or, you can use it as a launch pad for your projects.

The Dashboard is available for free, so executives and others who don’t use Quality Companion can monitor the progress of their organization’s entire Six Sigma program. Colleagues who don’t use Companion can also review projects with the free Quality Companion Viewer, which provides read-only access to project files."

Companies put tremendous resources into quality improvement, and Quality Companion helps them maximize the benefits of that investment. "By making it easier to manage an entire Six Sigma program, Quality Companion lets companies focus on what matters most – delivering results."

Minitab offers an animated tour and a free, 30-day trial version of Quality Companion at

About Minitab

Minitab Inc. is one of the world’s leading developers of statistical and process improvement software. Thousands of distinguished companies use Minitab software, including Toshiba, DuPont, Boeing, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nestlé and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

Minitab Statistical Software has been used in virtually every major Six Sigma initiative around the world, and is used to teach statistics in over 4,000 colleges and universities. Quality Companion® is used worldwide to plan and execute Six Sigma projects. Both products are backed by outstanding services, including training, e-learning opportunities, and free technical support.

Minitab Inc., headquartered in State College, Pa., operates offices in the United Kingdom, France and Australia and has additional representatives throughout the world.

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