New podis MCU Motor Starter from Wieland

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The new podis MCU motor starter from Wieland Electric connects directly to the company’s podis 7-pole flat cable power bus, fixing with two simple locking clips, offering ‘plug and play’ operation. As such, it eliminates tap-off points from the cable to motor starters, delivering huge savings on installation time for decentralised systems. The plug-in connection also enables starters to be replaced quickly during maintenance, minimising disruption and providing lower cost of ownership.

The podis MCU is a reversing starter, capable of switching three-phase asynchronous drives with two directions of rotation. The connection cables, running in a longitudinal direction from the starter to the drive, along with up to three external sensors, can all be lead inside the cable duct – which also provides protection against mechanical damage. The power output at the power bus uses a single connector, providing additional savings on cable material and connectors.

The IP65 rated podis MCU can also be integrated directly in the cable duct of a conveyor line or machine. Here, the AS-I fieldbus is led to the components in parallel, separate from the power bus. Two wires of the 7-pole flat cable power bus are available for any 24V applications.

The motor protection parameters are set via the AS-I bus and can be downloaded automatically via the AS-Interface for servicing, if required. On-site parameterization is not required. 

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