New rapid manufacturing machine tool for jewellery production

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A new laser-based, rapid manufacturing machine for producing small, highly accurate patterns that offers both direct casting and rubber mould production capabilities is the latest addition to Unimatic’s range of RP and RM equipment.

The ‘DW029’ is intended for manufacturers of jewellery and medical items, such as dental patterns, where continuous production is required as opposed to prototyping.  Its high-throughput performance and precision ensure excellent surface finish combined with rapid payback – for heavy users within weeks.

The build platform can accommodate up to 70 patterns and, typically, this can be output during a single shift.  Time of manufacture depends upon the height of patterns rather than the number involved.

The DW029 employs the proven sterolithography (SLA) technique where the liquid resin is cured by the machine’s ultraviolet laser but the process is accelerated by using a rapidly articulating mirror to direct the beam instead of manoeuvring the laser itself.

The process is further enhanced by using a new high-energy BluEdge® laser which permits faster modelling speeds and promotes rapid curing.  This is complemented by a new generation of UV photosensitive resin suitable for the most exigent demands, either direct casting or rubber mould applications.  The resin can be investment cast in a standard cycle, with 100% burnout and zero ash residue.

The technology employed in the DW 029 is robust and has little to go wrong.  There are no inkjets to clog, there is only a single axis of movement and very few moving parts. So reliability is assured.

The DW029 represents the cutting edge of rapid prototyping / rapid manufacturing, giving the larger user the ability to create a large number of patterns very quickly indeed, and achieve a very rapid payback on his investment.

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