Nissan turns the tables on reversing

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PIVO, Nissan's latest concept car, will make its debut at the Tokyo motor show later this week to showcase a range of innovations designed to make urban driving easier and safer.

The electric vehicle’s most eye-catching feature is a cabin that revolves 360 degrees, which according to Nissan makes it a car that never needs to reverse — the driver simply turns around instead.

PIVO operates using drive-by-wire systems and is claimed to offer unparalleled visibility thanks to Nissan’s Around View system. This is made possible by cameras mounted on the outside of each A-pillar, which feed an accurate image of the surroundings to screens mounted on the inside of the pillar. In effect, the pillars become extra windows eliminating blind spots.

An Around View monitor positioned on the dashboard also displays a 360-degree image of what is going on around the vehicle.

Nissan has fitted PIVO with a new type of human/machine interface (HMI) that uses infrared. Users simply have to put up the number of fingers to correspond with one of four selections available on the menu to operate in-car systems such as the stereo or SatNav.