Oily deals for Siemens

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Brazilian oil and gas company Transportadora Gasene and Petrobras have awarded two contracts worth €75m to Siemens Power Generation for a total of 17 compressor trains.

They will be installed in a gas treatment plant in the state of Espirito Santo and in three pipeline stations along the Brazilian coast.

Each train consists of a compressor and a mechanical-drive gas turbine. As part of the agreement, Siemens will also provide erection and commissioning services, as well as spare parts.

Siemens will supply six compressor trains to Petrobas, which is investing in the oil and gas exploration and production area in the Espirito Santo Basin in southeastern Brazil. To process the gas produced offshore, Petrobras is building a gas treatment plant onshore at Cacimbas.

After treatment, the gas will be transported via pipelines to consumers in northeastern Brazil, and to this end, Siemens will deliver the other 11 compressor trains to three of Transportadora Gasene pipeline stations.