Online panel session: How digital solutions can drive sustainable outcomes across the project lifecycle

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The urgent pressure to decarbonize is a complex priority affecting every area of industry. Fortunately digital tools are here to help.

This online panel session - hosted by The Engineer and software giant Autodesk - will bring together a panel of experts from across industry to look at how digital tools and technologies can help unravel this complexity and drive sustainability across every aspect of a project’s lifecycle: from early conceptual design through to end of life.

Through practical examples and high-level expert insights attendees will learn how different organisations are deploying digital approaches to decarbonize their projects and business and find out about the tools and technologies and processes that can help them achieve this within their own organisations. 

Key discussion areas

  • Data management & cloud-based collaboration
  • Digital tools and the circular economy
  • The role of AI
  • Emissions tracking / carbon accounting and regulations
  • How specific digital technologies (e.g. 3D design / BIM) can help with emissions savings
  • Cross sector learnings
  • Challenges of adoption / skilling up for digital


Leo Li - Impact Sales Enablement Manager – EMEA Lead at Autodesk
Marek Suchocki -Head of Industry Associations at Autodesk
Other panelists TBC

Tuesday 28th May, Time TBC