Out now: The Engineer's September 2021 issue

The Engineer's September 2021 digital issue is now available to read and download online

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a new technology publication, when we consider the innovations that will help us meet our net zero ambitions our focus tends to be on new technologies: the electric propulsion systems, energy storage technologies, and power generation systems that will usher out the age of the fossil fuel. And as always there’s plenty on all of these in this latest issue.


The Engineer's September 2021 issue

But as we’re also reminded in this month’s interview with Atkins CEO Richard Robinson a major part of the challenge from an engineering point of view is dealing with existing infrastructure.

This is, of course, particularly true of the UK, where large chunks of our critical infrastructure date back to Victorian times.  And whilst investment in the development of new technology is key, it’s clear that finding innovative ways of working within our industrial landscape’s existing constraints will be critical to finding realistic solutions to the net zero challenge.

In this issue

  • Viewpoint: the importance of understanding complex systems
  • Panel report: demystifying digital engineering
  • Cover Story: Using solar power to produce next generation aviation fuel
  • Healthcare: UK advances in assisted living technology
  • Interview: Atkins CEO Richard Robinson
  • Nuclear: Expert Q&A on small modular reactors
  • Automotive: Simulating a Dakar rally contender
  • Late Great Engineers: Cybernetics pioneer Norbert Wiener