Pluggable Metal Bellows Couplings

Backlash-free metal bellows couplings have long been available from Rino Industries Ltd, the precision engineered components specialist based in Chesterfield, but there is now a pluggable version too.


This coupling has a pluggable removable clamping hub suitable for a variety of applications requiring backlash-free qualities.  The tightening torque values increase with the increasing outside diameter of the coupling hubs which range from 27mm up to 84mm as standard.  Bore sizes range from just 3mm increasing to 40mm on the largest couplings.  Stainless steel versions are also available on request but the standard material is aluminium for sizes 2 to 60, whilst sizes 80 to 150 are steel.


Specials can also be made on request to customer’s requirements, depending on quantities required, the company states.

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