Predictive text technology

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A new computer keyboard called cre8txt turns text-slang into full English.

The cre8txt keyboard's styling - its keypad and casing - were designed at the University of Bolton's Design Studio, while the electronics and software were devised by Bolton-based company cre8txt limited.

The device is similar to a mobile phone keypad and uses patented predictive text technology. The cre8txt SMS translation and phrase prediction software predicts text selected from a wordbank with over 140,000 words and even suggests words and phrases to complete a sentence. Users can also add their own SMS slang and abbreviations.

The design registered and patent-pending cre8txt keyboard is compatible with a PC, Apple Mac and Xbox 360.

The university's role was to assist with the design and keypad casing, as well as working with manufacturers to ensure design tolerances were adhered to and the product could be manufactured cost-effectively.

'The university originally helped us with a 3D animation for our website and then went on to work with us on the keypad and casing design. We have been extremely pleased with the level of expertise we have had from the university; they have saved us, literally, thousands of pounds,' said company director, John Blackburn.