EADS has been given the first export order for its TransProtec containers, which were specially developed for the safe transport of people in crisis areas. According to the company’s announcement, the Danish Procurement Office has initially ordered two TransProtec containers from EADS Defence Electronics.

EADS developed TransProtec in cooperation with the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement and the Munich based company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. It is a protection system offering optimal protection against attacks with explosives, sniper fire, shrapnel, mines and ABC attacks.

The system was purchased and successfully tested by the German Armed Forces under the name “MuConPers” (Multifähiger Container für die Personenbeförderung – multi-capable container for transporting individuals). The protected container can accommodate up to 18 persons including equipment. Future versions of TransProtec will be capable of transporting a larger number of casualties and nursing staff together with the necessary facilities. The hook loading system makes it possible to quickly load and unload the transport vehicle, which has a protected driver’s cab.

The containers ordered by the Danish Army have the same configuration as those deployed by the German Armed Forces in the Balkans. The Danish Army will use them for similar potentially dangerous logistical transport missions, including transporting people.

Bernhard Gerwert, Head of EADS Defence Electronics, said, ‘We developed and built the protective containers in order to counteract this potential danger and to ensure the best possible protection for soldiers and civilians being transported. The level of protection and comfort during transportation is much higher than with the vehicles already used for this purpose, in particular with regard to protection against mines and attacks with explosives.’