PSJ Rack Up Another Success

1 min read

PSJ Fabrications has supplied 19” bespoke chassis mounted rack units, manufactured from stainless steel and measuring 2 metres high, to Milton Keynes based Evidence Talks for its new Remote Forensics solution.

Evidence Talks is one of the country’s leading authorities on forensic computing and is at the forefront of technical innovation in digital forensics. Remote Forensics allows police forces, military and other agencies to carry out digital investigations anywhere in the world without having to travel.  Using any network or even a 3G-enabled mobile phone, an expert analyst can dial in remotely and investigate or take a forensic image of hard drives, iPODs, memory sticks and other digital storage media.  Remote Forensics is also useful to law firms and large corporates operating across multiple geographical areas.

After close consultation, PSJ produced detailed drawings to the exact specification for housing the monitoring systems. Andrew Sheldon, managing director of Evidence Talks commented   “PSJ’s product was very well produced and of a very high quality. We were also extremely impressed with the fast turnaround.”

PSJ specialises in the supply of high quality sheet metal fabrication work, producing components and equipment to the highest possible standards at extremely competitive prices. Employing a highly skilled workforce, PSJ are committed to ensuring the highest levels of precision and system concept and, perhaps more importantly, meeting the demands of the client on time. PSJ are able to supply items in a wide range of materials, thicknesses and specifications.

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