Register now for our online panel session on STEM outreach and the engineering skills gap

Register now for our free Tuesday 5th December panel session exploring the benefits and challenges of STEM engagement. Featuring speakers from Megger, The IET, Engineering UK, BAE Systems and Repton School


The effort to close engineering’s skills gap is a battle that’s being fought on many fronts: from reskilling existing engineers and encouraging those who have left the industry to return, right through to attracting and engaging the next generation of engineering talent through meaningful STEM activities and well-designed graduate and apprenticeship schemes.

In this session - which is being run in partnership with electrical test and measurement, monitoring and data solutions provider Megger - experts from across the worlds of industry, academia and policy will explore some of the measures that can be taken to address this pressing issue.

We will examine the importance of STEM engagement, especially with young people, consider the practical challenges involved, and highlight best practice examples from different sectors. Meanwhile, as well as exploring the activities that can help companies play a role in growing the pipeline of future talent, we will also take a look at some of the more immediate measures they can take to ensure they are appealing to young engineers at the start of their careers.

Meet the panel

  • Dr Hilary Leevers - CEO, EngineeringUK
  • Antonina Dudko - Engineering Manager, Megger
  • David Lakin - Head of Education, Safeguarding & Education Policy, The IET, 
  • Brad Yelland - Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, Babcock International Group
  • Gemma Hill - Design and Technology Teacher, Repton School