Register now for our online panel Session on data-driven engineering

Register now for our free Thursday 22nd June online panel session exploring the challenges and opportunities of data driven engineering. Featuring speakers from Babcock International Group, WeldTech Ltd and the University of Strathclyde.

Across industry, smart and effective use of data can be the key to improved efficiency, improved productivity and effective collaboration. And yet, despite the clear benefits, many organisations are struggling to become truly data driven.

This panel session, which is supported by Babcock International Group, will bring together leaders from the world of engineering and manufacturing to explore and explain what an effective approach to data looks like, and -  through best practice case studies - offer insights and practical advice on how you can develop your own organisation’s approach to data.


Panellists will look at the challenges around data acquisition, integration and analysis, explore how data can be made accessible across the value chain and examine how organisations can tap into and nurture the skills that are required to make most effective use of data.

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