Rittal launch new cable ducts and shunting elements for excess lengths of network distribution cables

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Rittal has expanded its range of high-density patching accessories with the introduction of two cable ducts for 1000 and 2000mm high enclosures.  To compliment the cable ducts, Rittal have also launched new cable-shunting elements which can handle excess lengths of cable and be applied as a radius reducer when redirecting cables.  These new products will aid in the accommodation of large volumes of cable within the network distribution system and reduce the amount of space employed for cabling in data centres.
The new cable shunting element guides cables through special ducts for each height unit on the side of the distribution level.  Users can work on the 19” level without any additional elements due to the height-unit-related cable routing to the connection port integrated network, switches or the stated distributor level.  This achieves the best possible use of the height units available in the network distributor for connecting purposes.
An additional benefit from this new approach is that the density of the connection points can be increased by up to 50% to a maximum of 1008 ports per rack, which can help to significantly cut investment costs.
Rittal’s high density patching solutions can be attached to mounting angles, 19” mounting frames or on the side of the IT rack framework.  Back-to-back mounting is also possible whereby the openings already integrated in the duct are used for routing cables between the levels.   In addition, a continuous system of punching integrated within the cable duct allows the continuous assembly of more cable management elements and structuring aids within the duct.

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