Rittal Power System Modules for Reliable Energy Management

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Rittal’s Power System Modules (PSM) provide revolutionary energy management for existing IT racks and data centres via plug-in modules that simply dock into position within the existing rack matrix.  Each PSM permits energy supply through a vertical rail with a three-phase feed.  Available in three variants, PSM standard, (96Amps, dual three phase), which is targeted at low to medium density server enclosures, PSM Plus, (192 Amps, quad three phase), focused on high-density blade servers and PSM Monitored, a networked monitored version of PSM standard.

The power rail is supplied empty allowing the slots to be flexibly used across the enclosure height.  The various insert modules to supply the active components are easily snap-fitted into the support rail.

For continuous monitoring, the PSM Monitored offers a 2-digit local LED 7-segment current display on the module showing the current power drawn.  In conjunction with CMC-TC (Computer Multi Control – Top Concept), the Active PSM may be activated and deactivated via HTTP and SNMP allowing any alarms triggered to be reported and quickly rectified.

All Rittal PSM plug-in modules are equipped with integral over-current protection.  In the event of excessively high current, only the affected PSM is deactivated.  All other modules fitted remain operational.

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