Rolls-Royce launches new Pearl engine family for business jets

Rolls-Royce has launched Pearl, a new engine family for business aviation that will

propel Bombardier Global series aircraft.

pearl engine
The Pearl 15 engine in testing

The Pearl 15 engine, the first in the new series, will deliver up to 15,125lb of thrust (67.3kN), nine per cent more than its predecessor, but will be 2dB quieter and will deliver a seven per cent improvement in specific fuel consumption, with best-in class performance for NOx emissions, Rolls-Royce claims.

pearl engine
Pearl 15 in its nacelle housing

The new engine is descended from two ancestors: the BR700, Rolls-Royce's current class leader for business aviation, and the Advance2 technology demonstrator programme. These are twin-spool engines; that is, the high-pressure compressor and high-pressure turbine blades are mounted on a shaft that is concentric to, and rotates independently of, the shaft holding the low-pressure compressor and turbine blades.

In Trent engines, which power civil airliners and are triple-spool (with an intermediate stage of compressor and turbine, also mounted on a concentric, independent shaft), the intermediate stage compressor takes the majority of the load of forcing air into the combustion chamber. In Advance2, the high-pressure compressor takes on a greater proportion of the load.

pearl engine
The new engine series will power Bombardier's long-range Global businesss jets

The new series is designed specifically for long-range business jets, which will be capable of speeds up to Mach 0.9. David Coleal, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft, said: “The Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft have the longest range, the largest cabins and the smoothest ride in their class, and we are very proud that they will be powered by the advanced and efficient Pearl engine, purpose-built for these aircraft by our longstanding partners at Rolls-Royce.”

Chris Cholerton, president of Rolls-Royce's civil aerospace division, added: "The Pearl engine is a pioneering product, bringing together the most eco-friendly and efficient technologies available today. The combination of outstanding performance, economy, and reliability levels make it the perfect fit for Bombardier’s newest Global aircraft and, with the Pearl engine, we are extending our successful relationship with Bombardier, which started more than 20 years ago.” To date, Rolls-Royce has delivered some 1700 engines to Bombardier.

The engine was designed at Rolls-Royce's Centre of Excellence for business aviation engines in Dahlewitz, Germany. Other features include a new engine health monitoring system including advanced vibration detection, remote engine diagnostics, and equipment for bi-directional communication that will allow the engine monitoring features to be reconfigured from the ground.

“These developments ensure that cloud-based analytics and Big Data continue to play an increasing role in delivering exceptional levels of availability and greater peace of mind for customers.” Rolls-Royce said.