Schlumberger, the oilfield and information services company, has acquired Integrated Exploration Systems (IES), the Germany-based supplier of advanced petroleum systems modelling software and services for the exploration and production industry.

IES specialises in the modelling of the generation, migration and entrapment of oil and gas using the software PetroMod. The technology is used to estimate undiscovered hydrocarbons in frontier basins.

‘The combination of IES expertise with WesternGeco and Schlumberger technology will enable us to provide our customers with fully integrated exploration services,’ said Dalton Boutte, president of WesternGeco and executive vice president of Schlumberger.

‘IES’s expertise complements our portfolio of seismic, controlled source electromagnetics, and magnetotellurics technologies, as well as enhancing our multiclient library.’

IES employs 40 employees, mostly based at the Aachen site, which will become a Schlumberger Centre of Excellence for Petroleum Systems Modelling.