Ministers in Scotland have rejected plans for new nuclear power stations branding them dangerous and unnecessary and suggesting renewable technologies as an alternative.

The Scottish Government’s submission to the consultation on nuclear power labelled it unsuitable due to finite resources of uranium, the need to transport and dispose of nuclear waste and potential terrorist threats. According to ministers it will also produce more carbon emissions than renewable energy generation, and the cost is likely to be more than the government’s estimate.

‘We completely reject the development of dangerous, unnecessary and costly new nuclear power stations in Scotland,’ said energy minister Jim Mather. ‘We already have clean, green and reliable alternatives. Scotland has massive renewables potential, as well as significant opportunities for clean fossil-fuel technologies and carbon storage. Harnessing that potential can meet our future energy demands several times over, while tackling climate change.

‘Scotland already has the skills and leadership to pursue a clean, low carbon approach. A vibrant and growing energy sector will make a significant contribution to Scotland’s prosperity through investment and jobs.

‘Perversely, spending billions of pounds to develop nuclear power stations could have a huge impact on the research and development of long-term clean energy alternatives. Instead, I want to see investment directed towards the development of green energy technologies in Scotland to give Scotland - and the UK - a world lead.’