Scottish Space Strategy launched

A new Scottish Space Strategy launched by the Scottish government aims to position Scotland as a global leader for commercial space developments.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The strategy is planned to secure a £4bn share of the global space market for the Scottish economy and hopes to create around 20,000 jobs.

Developed in collaboration with industry group Space Scotland and the Scottish Space Academic Forum, it sets out plans to develop a network of satellite launch sites, pursue green technologies and build on existing strengths in data analysis and research.

An environmental strategy will be included, described by the Scottish government as ‘world-leading’ with aims to include reducing emissions to supporting the use of satellite data for environmental monitoring.

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Launching the plan virtually at Expo 2020 Dubai, business minister Ivan McKee said: “The Scottish Space Strategy demonstrates the determination of our space community to work together to deliver this ambitious agenda.

“We will broaden the diversity of the sector, increase its sustainability, exports and inward investment, and enhance education to inspire the next generation of space industry workers.”

Chair of Space Scotland, Craig Clark, described the development as a landmark in the development of the Scottish space sector, adding that Scotland’s ‘young, dynamic community of space companies’ will be ready to take the sector to the next level.

Scottish Space Academic Forum chair, Prof. Iain Woodhouse, said: “It will be the new talent and scientific innovation coming out of Scottish higher education institutions that forms the bedrock of the Scottish space sector, and we are ready to step up and fulfil that role to ensure the strategy is a success.”