ScottishPower forms tidal alliance

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ScottishPower and Norwegian technology company Hammerfest Strøm have set up a new tidal power company, Hammerfest UK, to help Scotland exploit its tidal power resources.

Under the deal, both parties will work together to optimise Hammerfest Strøm's tidal stream technology. The companies plan to demonstrate a full-scale prototype in Scottish waters in preparation for deployment of the technology in Scotland and around the world. Manufacture of the prototype will commence in 2008, with installation taking place during 2009.

According to ScottishPower, Hammerfest Strøm's technology can be described as an underwater wind turbine, with shorter blades that turn more slowly. The units are mounted on the seabed and aligned to the tidal flow. Each device will generate around 1MW of output, and in future arrays multiple devices are anticipated that could generate 50MW to 100MW each.

‘The Scots are leading the world with deployment of marine renewables, and for us


is the ideal location to prove the technology and move on to large-scale manufacturing,’ commented Hammerfest Strøm’s Jan Ellevset.