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Smart Gas Pressure Sensor to speed up recovery of gas network

The monitoring of supply pressure and low-pressure shut-off status in domestic gas supplies are to benefit from a Smart Gas Pressure Sensor.


Liverpool Science Park-based DefProc is developing the sensor following a six-figure deal with Northern Gas Network. The Smart Gas Pressure Sensor is expected to significantly reduce disruption in homes if the gas supply is lost.

The operation of the Smart Gas Pressure Sensor will include maximising the stability of introducing hydrogen on the network and reducing the need for engineer callouts. Householders will also get real-time updates about problems with their gas supply and the cause.

The device is mounted where the gas comes into the domestic property, after the Emergency Cut-off Valve (ECV), but ahead of the gas meter, explained Jen Fenner, managing director of DefProc.

The sensor monitors the pressure of the gas, but in the event of any loss of pressure - due to any supply issue - the integrated valve closes and stops the supply to the home automatically, immediately alerting the Gas Network Operator (GNO).


Fenner said: “In the event of a network event, this will vastly speed up recovery of the network, by reducing the number of engineer visits needed to each home.

“Instead of having to dispatch gas engineers to each house, then fix the issue and then recommission the supply to each property, any recovery work can occur straight away as the load is automatically removed, and only a single engineer visit is needed to confirm safe reconnection.”

Development of the Smart Gas Pressure Sensor is one of eight project wins for DefProc over the last six months , which are worth a total of £236,000.

Additionally, DefProc has reported a 168 per cent increase in pre-tax profit between December 2022 and May 2023 (from £15,041 to £40,392), against the same period the previous year.