SPI Lasers to broaden range of pulsed fiber laser marking products

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SPI Lasers supports new entrants in the laser marking market with new product range

14 September 2007, SPI headquarters, Southampton.th SPI Lasers announces an extension to its pulsed laser product range for marking solutions. SPI Lasers’ 10 & 20W – RM (restricted modulation) Pulsed Laser Modules are the newest members of their marking product family, providing a value-engineered solution that is ideally suited to high volume, single application operations.

The newly introduced 10 & 20W modules bring the total to four pulsed laser within the current range, providing the laser marking market with complete coverage. The flexible and feature rich 12W and 20W G3 models have successfully served the marking and micro machining markets respectively, securing volume orders in a wide variety of applications such metal and plastics marking, paint on plastic removal , i.d.card marking, and thin film ablation. However, feedback from customers with marking systems dedicated to a single application on materials such as metal reported feature redundancy when using the 12W.

The new 10W and 20W lasers offer an equivalent performance to the best fibre lasers on the market today focussing on sub 100KHz marking applications. The 12W and 20W full feature lasers open up new marking and processing opportunities requiring over100KHz repetition rates competing across the entire spectrum of fibre and vanadate lasers.

The new entry level 10 & 20W pulsed laser models provide the answer as Vice President of Sales, John Tinson explains ’SPI has spent months listening to our customers in order to really understand what makes a marking business competitive, and the result is the new, broader range of pulsed lasers. This enhanced range of products enables industry to procure with ease and confidence, the most cost effective and efficient marking equipment in line with their needs’

This new lasers are well suited to basic metallic and plastic marking applications which make up the bulk of consumer and industrial marking requirements.


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