A new splice from 3M allows power utilities and industrial contractors to more easily make a wye/branch splice configuration on electrical power cables rated up to 15 kV.

The 3M cold shrink branch splice QS-2001B is a silicone rubber splice based on 3M cold shrink technology. 3M says it allows fast installation of the wye/branch configuration without the force needed to install push-on modular splices or the time required for tape splices or heat shrink.

The 3M branch splice QS-2001B accepts all conductor sizes from #2 AWG through 500 kcmil. It is rated for 15 kV cable systems and accommodates main feeder cable runs and taps of 350-500 kcmil conductors.

The splice also accommodates conductor sizes from #2 AWG through 250 kcmil with an adapter applied to increase the OD of the cable. The connector supplied with the splice is a set screw connector that guarantees the correct connection. The connector is designed to have bolt heads shear off at the correct torque.

Two cables enter the splice on one end and one on the other. There is an adapter that is installed on the two cables on one end that controls the stress and seals between them. The splice kit also contains all components to continue the grounds of the cables across the splice and jacketing and environmental sealing materials to completely seal and protect the splice and ground connections.

3M invented cold shrink splicing technology more than 30 years ago. Because the tube is applied by unwrapping and pulling a perforated core that supports the tube, installation presents fewer risks to installers than when using torches or force to install a splice.