Student vloggers hired for engineering push

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EngineeringUK has hired two students to be video bloggers (vloggers) in an effort to inspire the next generation of engineers.  


Video blogging is becoming an increasingly popular medium of communication

The move is part of its campaign to support Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2015, taking place in November. Lily Kate France, an A Level student from Lancashire, and Nayeeb Chowdhury, a chemical engineering undergraduate from University College London, will be tasked with creating YouTube content that showcases the latest science and technology.

“Lily and Nayeeb are energetic STEM advocates who will bring engineering to life for young people across the UK.,” said Paul Jackson, EngineeringUK chief executive.

“Vlogging brings a new dimension to Tomorrow’s Engineers Week with our new young stars showcasing engineering in action across the UK. We want as many engineers as possible to feature as they highlight the wonderful careers engineering has to offer.”

Vlogging is a huge growth area, particularly for the teenage market, and Global Web Index data suggests more than half of teenagers are now using YouTube to find information. Stars such as Zoella have used the channel to connect with an entire generation, and nearly a quarter of 11-19 year old girls (24%) claim her as a role model.

According to EngineeringUK, Lily Kate and Nayeeb will be creating content such as behind the scenes footage of well-known brands, interviews with inspiring young engineers, and analysis of innovations such as wearable tech.

“I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Tomorrow’s Engineers Week team and working to help bridge the gap between young people and STEM careers,” said Lily Kate.

“I love studying STEM subjects at college but I understand how many young people can miss the link between the things they love and the engineering processes behind them. Hopefully I can help young people realise just how interesting engineering is.”

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2015 takes place from the 2nd – 6th November 2015. For more information visit