TALON robots for Australian forces

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Qinetiq has been awarded AUS$23m by the Australian Department of Defence for TALON robots and replacement parts to support Australian defence forces deployed on operations.

Developed by Qinetiq North America, TALON robots can be configured for the disposal of improvised explosive devices, reconnaissance, the identification of hazardous material, combat engineering support and assistance to police units engaged in SWAT operations.

According to the company, 2,800 TALON robots are deployed around the world.

‘The TALON robot is an excellent example of the world-leading technology that Qinetiq is able to deliver to our clients within Australia and the region,’ said Mike Kalms, chief executive officer of Qinetiq Australia. ‘We continue to work closely with our UK and US colleagues to ensure Qinetiq is able to offer an increasing portfolio of leading technology.’

The repair and maintenance of TALON robots in Australia will be carried out by Qinetiq’s partner company, Pacific Security and Environmental Solutions.