Webinar: Insights from Autodesk’s 2024 State of Design & Make report

Join The Engineer and Autodesk at 2pm (BST) on Thursday June 20th for this insightful analysis of Autodesk’s major new report on manufacturing and business.


The webinar will explore Autodesk’s 2024 State of Design & Make report, a body of research that surveyed  5,399 industry leaders, futurists, and experts from around the world to identify the most critical issues influencing today’s businesses.

Our audience will hear from Autodesk's James Slater, Senior Manager, Design & Manufacturing, about the report's essential findings. The session will examine how digital transformation is reshaping business resilience, sustainability, and talent management. We will also delve into how the adoption of digital factory, AI, and digital collaboration is actively addressing these critical themes, with James taking questions from our audience towards the end of the session. 

Delegates will learn about:
• Unique insights from 5000+ business leaders, futurists, and experts on today critical issues
• How cost control is being addressed through digitization
• The benefits of simulation in a Digital Factory
• How leaders are seeing the benefits of AI
• How to access your copy of the State of Design & Make report

When: Thursday, June 20, 2024 · 2:00 p.m. London (GMT +1:00)

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