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As countless reports have pointed out, addressing British industry’s looming skills shortage is a battle that must fought on many fronts.

We need more experienced technicians and engineers to fill pressing gaps in booming sectors. We need to ensure that gender, race and creed aren’t barriers to success. We need to inspire more schoolchildren to consider a career in engineering.  And, critically, we need to ensure that engineering students and graduates are made fully aware of the great opportunities awaiting them in industry and aren’t tempted to pursue a career elsewhere.

Which is where we come in.

Over the last few months, The Engineer’s editorial team has been working closely with industry and academia on the development of The Student Engineer, a new website dedicated to students and graduates who are embarking on their first job in engineering.

There are already lots of jobs sites for graduates out there, but – beyond the more enlightened university careers offices - there aren’t too many places for students to go where they can also get the lowdown on what’s happening in the UK’s key sectors, inside advice on how to secure that first job, as well as swap tips and anecdotes with a growing community of fellow job-seekers.

With its lively blend of news, careers advice and, of course, information on the latest job opportunities, we believe The Student Engineer could play a really important role in helping students map out a clearer route into the profession and helping industry to communicate more effectively with the engineers of tomorrow.

If you’re a student or graduate looking for your first job, we hope you’ll find it useful. And if you’re not, we hope you’ll point any future engineers that you might know in our direction.

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