On the right road?

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The government has drawn criticism over claims that it is reducing carbon emissions by investing in improved transport infrastructure.

A report published today entitled ‘Investing in road building: The Highways Agency’s billion pound traffic gamble’ spearheads the criticism by arguing that new roads in UK are increasing traffic and driving up pollution.

Campaign for Better Transport, the authors of the report, claim that for every new road built, overall traffic levels rise significantly without solving congestion issues or addressing environmental concerns.

Richard George, a campaigner for the Campaign for Better Transport, said: ‘This report should set off alarm bells for anyone contemplating major road building and for taxpayers who will eventually have to pay for them…the government cannot justify spending over £1bn a year on road projects which aren’t solving people’s transport problems.’

Technology to solve transport issues such as these are due to be discussed by CEOs, ministers and heads of state at the annual World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi this week.

Discussions will centre on how sustainable future energy solutions can be applied to the existing global infrastructure, with topics ranging from e-mobility, future climate investment strategies, carbon capture and storage, advanced solar technologies and alternative fuels.

As well as tackling everyday issues, more ambitious projects such as eco-cities and zero-emission aviation will be discussed. Bertrand Piccard, president of Solar Impulse will be amongst the speakers and is expected to present update on his project to fly around the world in a solar airplane.