Internet management system reduces buildings' energy use

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A software engineering student from Portsmouth University has helped to design an award-winning way of cutting energy use in buildings by up to 25 per cent.

The E-MAGINE building energy management system, developed in Horsham by sustainable energy group ENER-G, uses the internet to remotely control and manage a building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.

Glenn Hicks, a software engineering student, spent his industrial placement year helping to develop the software with the international business before returning to complete his course at Portsmouth University.

Hicks and another student, from Brighton University, developed some of the key applications that form the basis of the software. They also provided testing support and documentation for part of coding standards procedures.

The technology was trialled at ENER-G’s UK headquarters in Manchester before launch and has since won the Salford Business Award. The technology is designed for use in industrial, commercial and residential markets, and can measure and control energy usage across single and multiple buildings.

Dr Chris Inkpen, ENER-G’s principal software engineer, said: ‘Glenn has been involved significantly in the writing of the user manager application that manages all the security aspects of E-VISION. Together with the Brighton student, he has clocked up about six man-months of coding and about six man-months of testing and documentation support.’