Advantages of model T16 fluid damped load cell for dynamic weighing applications

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The intent of this technical note is to provide a description of the advantages of the Model T16 fluid damped load cell for use in dynamic weighing applications.

For dynamic weighing applications, such as check-weighing, the Model T16 load cell is ideal because it consists of a highly accurate, repeatable single point platform load cell housed within a stainless steel enclosure filled with a special hydraulic fluid with a viscous damping behaviour. This fluid acts as a damper, reducing the mechanical vibrations in the load cell created due to a weight suddenly being applied to it. The load cell records the initial weight applied and then reaches its zero point very quickly after the load has been removed, so the load cell will be stable and ready to weigh the next product more quickly than if the hydraulic oil had not been surrounding the load cell. The products being weighed can arrive at the weighing platform and depart at high speed, whilst being accurately weighed...