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09-10: LANSA - Hybrid Low Code: Low code for developers

LANSA’s hybrid low-code approach can reduce the complexities of app development and increase the efficiency of developers by providing all the tools they will need within one IDE.

LANSA takes enterprise application development efficiency to a level beyond what traditional low-code development platforms offer, simplifying coding and offering seamless integration.

10-11: Embarcadero - Windows 11 and app development

Windows desktop is a cornerstone of any modern business application. Catch up on the latest industry trends, and how Windows 11 is expanding beyond the Windows 10 modernizations. This includes Linux on Windows, and the updating role of mobile.

11-12: Altair Monarch - Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Prepare your Data for Analysis

Data is like blood in our bodies and high-quality data keeps our businesses healthy. No matter what stage of the digital journey you are at – whether you are still focused on reporting, building out dashboards, or implementing advanced AI – it all comes back to trusting your underlying foundations.

Fortunately, with Altair Monarch, you can prepare your structured and semi-structured data within one unified, easy-to-use, data preparation platform, to ensure your analytics are based on high quality, up to date data.

12-13: Abaqus - Watch Abaqus SIMULIA in action

Our most popular simulation software presented to you by an expert.

Find out how SIMULIA customers, in a wide range of industries are using Abaqus to explore the real-world physical behaviour of products and materials, to improve performance, reliability and safety, while reducing development time and costs.

13-14: PTC Mathcad Prime - How to get started with Mathcad

Mathcad lets engineers document their calculations with dynamic, unit-aware calculations. This live demonstration will give you a quick introduction to the basics of Mathcad and how to perform and document all your calculations.

14-15: Altair SimSolid - Simulation at the Pace of Design

The revolutionary simulation software SimSolid opens up possibilities that traditional FEA software cannot offer. Designers can get feedback on the structural performance of their parts and assemblies without delay as SimSolid operates directly on CAD, without any need for simplification or meshing. Results are obtained within seconds to minutes even for large complex assemblies, and yes… it is accurate as well.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, come see for yourself when Altair presents the strengths of SimSolid and demonstrate the software live.

15-16 - CorelDRAW Technical Suite: Create professional technical illustrations (Design/CAD)

From manufacturing and engineering to architecture and high tech, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 is the ultimate hub for designing detailed technical illustrations and documentation.

Learn how to change existing illustrations, reuse existing CAD data, do first sketches of ideas, work instructions or end-user documentation.

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