ATEX certificated PZ series screw pumps

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For hydraulic oils, lubricating oils. Special version for heavy fuel.

Maximum allowable delivery pressure (continuous) up to 16 bar from 1000 to 3600 rpm (vertical arrangement). Maximum allowable delivery pressure (continuous) up to 16 bar from 750 to 1800 rpm (horizontal arrangement).

For marine and industrial applications: cargo, separator, transfer, booster, feeder, fuel supply, lubricating.

Handled fluid: Fuel oil HFO - DO - LSMG0 - Hydraulic and Lube oils.

Viscosity range: From 1,2 to 5000 cSt (specific configuration may apply).

Pump speed: From 750 to 3600 rpm.

Rotation (viewed from coupling end): CW (Std version; CCW on demand).

Epicycloidal screws rotate inside a replaceable casing with close tolerances, so forming sealed chambers and provoking the axial displacement of the fluid.

The idler spindles rotate without contact with the driving spindle because of the fluid itself, therefore being free from radial forces.

The accurate hydraulic balance and the special profile of the screw thread guarantee a continuous flow with minimum pulsations and turbulance, resulting in extremely low noise levels even at high rotational speed.

The screws epicycloidal profiling is developed through a complex computerised calculation which not only perfectly defines their shape, but also controls the production with continuous monitoring of machinery process, consequently assuring a high degree of repeatable quality.

The high quality level of these screw pumps is guaranteed by a final testing on 100% of the manufactured products.

Download pdf for technical specification catalogue.