Axial piston motors

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axial piston motors from jbj Techniques

This range of piston motors is characterised by their unique combination of strength of design and their precision manufacture, resulting in a motor of exceptional performance, reliability and reduced operational costs.

High  overall  efficiencies  up  to  94%.

High  start  torques  (full  torque  and  pressure  across  the  total  speed  range).

Drive  shafts  accept  axial  and  radial  loads  directly.

High performance motors operate down to 1 rpm without cogging and up to a maximum  of  2,000  rpm.

AEZ  units  designed  for  very  arduous  applications  with  the  potential  of  high shocks  (up  to  6.3  'G'  force)  such  a  centrifuges,  marine  applications.

Can be fully ATEX certified for hazardous applications (Zone 1, Zone 21 (dust) and underground use to 'M2' level (mining). Therefore applications are not only offshore but also chemical plants, machine manufacturers etc.

Low maintenance costs due to the robust design.

On demand the common ATEX versions are available for the following protection classes:

II 2G EEx c IIC T4 ( zone 1 )

II 2D EEx c T4 ( zone 21 )

I M2 EEx c IIC T4