N-Eupex torsionally flexible coupling.

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Hydraulic generator

Rated torque: 19 Nm to 85,000 Nm, ATEX compliant,

Complies with the current ATEX Directive for:

II 2G Ex h IIC T6 ... T4 Gb X

II 2D Ex h IIIC T85 °C ... 110 °C Db X

I M2 Ex h Mb X.

N-EUPEX® flexible shaft couplings are designed on a modular principle and have a very simple construction. N-EUPEX types are made up of sub-assemblies to suit requirements. The couplings are assembled by simply fitting the coupling halves together. Wear is restricted to the elastomer elements, which must be replaced at the end of their service life. Depending on type, the elastomer elements can be changed without moving the coupled machines. The coupling parts are readily available from stock and are mostly finish-machined, i.e. with finished bore, keyway, set screw and balancing. Please note that if the couplings are finished machined / bored and keyed in the jbj Techniques machine shop, the couplings will be supplied un-balanced, unless specifically requested.

For further information and full technical specification catalogue please visit: https://www.jbj.co.uk/claw-couplings.html