Check Out These Key Instrumentation Products From Gresham Power Electronics

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The CPCI series are the industry’s leading Compact PCI AC/DC power supplies delivering up to 500W continuous power..

CPCI Inc. Ruggedized

CHB200W12 Series

  • The CHB200W12 series of DC-DC Converters offers 200 watts of output power in single output voltages of 5,12, 15, 24, 48VDC. The CHB200W12 series come in industry standard Half-brick format with a wide (12:1) input voltage range of 14 to 160VDC (72VDC nominal) and 3000VAC reinforced isolation.
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LCC250 Series

  • The LCC250 AC-DC power supply is a fully-enclosed conduction cooled series delivering full useable power at high temperatures.
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QMV Series

  • The 4:1 Input Voltage 250 Watt Single QMW DC/DC converter provides a precisely regulated dc output The output voltage is fully isolated from the input, allowing the output to be positive or negative polarity and with various ground connections. The 250 Watt QMW meets the most rigorous performance standards in an industry standard footprint for mobile (12VIN), process control (24VIN), and military COTS (28VIN)
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CHB300-300SXX-CMFC Series

  • The CHB300-300SXX-CMFC(D) series of chassis mountable DC-DC converters offers 300 watts of output power @ single output voltages of 5, 12, 24, 28, 48VDC. It has a wide (2:1) input voltage range of 180 to 425VDC (300VDC nominal) and 3000VAC renforced isolation. It also has a high efficiency of 90%.
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