Digital incremental encoders for motion control applications

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660eb3f7e23e48faa2f0b1aa2bef547dRenishaw, is adding to its extensive optical encoder range with the launch of the Vionic series, a new set of ultra-high accuracy, super-compact all-in-one digital incremental encoders.

Designed for motion control applications, this development brings together Renishaw’s renowned filtering optics with a new custom interpolation and monitoring ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) that enhances dynamic signal processing and improves signal stability. This achievement has allowed Renishaw to create its highest performance incremental encoder system so far, at the same time combining all necessary interpolation and digital signal processing inside the readhead to eliminate the requirement for additional external interfaces.

The Vionic range has been designed to reduce overall system size to the minimum achievable for a high-performance system, while delivering class-leading performance in terms of cyclic error, jitter and accuracy. Customers can choose between two Vionic readhead variants. The standard Vionic readhead features a Sub-Divisional Error (SDE) of <±30nm, a range of available resolutions from 5µm to 20nm, and speeds beyond 12m/s. Alternatively for the most demanding performance requirements, customers can select Vionicplus with SDE to <±10nm, low jitter to 1.6nm RMS and resolutions from 100nm down to 2.5nm. Low SDE encoders are essential to minimise velocity ripple, which is important in constant-velocity applications such as laser scanning.

Vionic series encoders are available with the same linear and rotary (angle) scale ranges as the Tonic series, such that existing customers may choose to install Vionic as a drop-in replacement. Available scale types include metal tape, spar, and rotary rings (including ultra-high accuracy REXM). All Vionic scales come with customer selectable IN-TRAC reference marks embedded in the incremental channel and dual-limit switches in the case of linear scales.

Set-up and calibration is supported by an Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT), which includes user software that allows control and monitoring of Vionic’s set-up and calibration routines. New software features include: enhanced graphics, automatically generated plots of signal strength vs position, Lissajous plots, DRO output, and readhead pitch indication. This set-up tool is suitable for factory production-line installation as it allows remote, advanced calibration features.

The Vionic range of incremental encoders has CE approval and is manufactured by Renishaw, using strict quality controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2008.