Eco Friendly Industrial Solvent Cleaners, Safe for Users and the Environment

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Cleaning solvents are used in many industries to remove dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants from machined and fabricated metal, plastic and composite surfaces. Due consideration must be given to the effects on users and the environment.  Some of the benefits of using  Clarea® solvents for these applications are discussed in this article.

Solvents used for cleaning must be highly refined and leave no residues on drying. They have to be very effective in removal of oils and soils without causing damage or corrosion of the parts or components being cleaned and leave minimal residues which will be the result of process design. Cleaning to remove process oils and particles can use single or multitank spray washers or immersion tanks with ultrasonics or agitation depending on the volume of components and cleaning specifications. These vary widely from very demanding automotive and aerospace applications to less demanding applications where critical cleaning is not a requirement.

Pre-used parts or assemblies from the transportation, aerospace or manufacturing equipment sectors are often very heavily contaminated when removed from service but must be free of these oils, soils, grease, dirt and contaminants before handling to disassemble prior to refurbishing and rebuilding. Much of this work will be manual and the considerations for the safety of operators, hand wiping or brush cleaning is paramount. Provision of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as gloves, overalls, safety glasses and possibly masks must be carefully considered to be sure the PPEs are compatible with the solvents.

Among other considerations are the working space where the cleaning applications are to be carried out. Flammability versus drying time is always an issue. It is preferable to use a slower drying high flash point solvent in enclosed areas. Good ventilation with a high extraction rate of air will assist drying. In enclosed machines with automatic handling a positive extraction rate of air and heated and extracted final tank can lower process times. Flame proofing requirements and the insurance implications of the faster drying times of more volatile flammable solvents is often mitigated by the use of less volatile, lower VOC materials by design of machines and careful consideration of costs which these solvents offer in lower usage and longer tank life with much lower disposal costs of used materials.

The growing concerns regarding environmental and health hazards of the most commonly used chlorinated solvents for industrial degreasing and cleaning has led to the formulation by EnviroTech Surface Technologies  of the Clarea® range of safer cleaning solvents.

Clarea® solvents can be used for spray or immersion cleaning for very heavy soiling or in multitank processes to meet the highest standards demanded for critical cleaning. They can be used as wipe or brush cleaners for large surface areas prior to painting or powder coating.

Why should you choose Clarea® industrial cleaning solvents.

The solvents applied during production or finishing processes have a direct effect on the health of workers and the environment. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are chemicals which vaporise at room temperatures. Traditional solvents used for cleaning have low boiling points and a high VOCs making them harmful to use and less eco-friendly Exposure to the VOC’s released by these cleaning agents must be controlled to prevent respiratory, allergic, and immune system complications for users. If your company uses industrial degreasing agents regularly, it is time to evaluate the implications of this choice.

Clarea® is a less volatile alternative than conventional cleaners. Highly refined aliphatic hydrocarbons with minimal residues and tight vaporisation ranges are capable of providing the same results and can be substituted to create a safer, sustainable, eco-friendly workplace. The low odour, low flammability and low toxicity of Clarea® solvents provides performance and operator and environmental acceptability using less material at lower costs. Multipurpose use can reduce the inventory of cleaning fluids stocked.

Clarea® HC40 for brush and hand wiping, air dries. Flash point 40℃.

Clarea® HC62 for dip cleaning with agitation or ultrasonics. Low evaporation. Non-flammable. 

The Clarea® range of solvents is supplied through our distributors worldwide who can supply information on best practice and the best process and equipment to meet your specifications.

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