Fork plug for PCBs

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fork plugs for PCBs

A fork plug for printed circuit boards (PCBs) has been custom designed by Multi-Contact. The lightweight but rugged connector can be used with power electronics modules such as inverters so that they can be quickly slid in and out of racks during maintenance.

Developed in collaboration with a manufacturer of traction converters for use in the rail industry, the compact plug saves space, and enables modules to be swapped out quickly and reliably, without the need for special tools.

The vibration-resistant plug can be used in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C. Its outstanding electrical and mechanical performance is due to the use of MULTILAM technology, a proprietary contact system from Multi-Contact that uses torsion spring contact elements to produce multiple contact points and ensure high reliability and low contact resistance.

Multi-Contact also produces fork plugs for busbars, either custom designed or in standard versions with widths from 25 to 100mm suitable for busbar thicknesses from 5 to 10mm. Examples of custom applications include a special fork connector for liquid cooled devices for traction and drive applications, and a fork plug rotating contact for a ship’s steering gear.