High-feed face mill speeds for increased productivity

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High-feed face mill

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new high-feed version of the CoroMill 745 face milling cutter, featuring a 25° entering angle for additional productivity gains when milling steel and cast iron workpieces. The new high-feed version facilitates even higher metal removal rates (MRR) in applications with depths of cut up to 2.8 mm (0.110 in). The new cutter is set to benefit sectors such as die and mould, pump and valve, oil and gas, automotive, power generation and general engineering.

Despite the elevated MRR and productivity, there is no compromise to surface finish when using the new high-feed CoroMill 745. A light cutting action from the innovative insert positioning provides excellent chip formation, a smooth, soft sound and low power consumption.

“An important benefit of the new cutter is low cost per edge from its double-sided 14-edge insert design,” says Matts Westin, product manager, Sandvik Coromant. “In fact, purchasing departments will be pleased to learn that tool inventory costs are reduced because the CoroMill 745 with 25° entering angle uses the same inserts as its counterpart cutter with 42° entering angle.”

The high-feed CoroMill 745 is aimed at roughing to semi-finishing face milling operations on machining centres and multi-task machines. With its multi-edge concept, the tool is particularly suitable for large-batch production, flexible transfer lines and when maximum tool utilisation is important. Advantages will be provided when milling components such as valves, engine blocks, hubs, main frames, pump components and moulds, in fact, any type of general engineering component made from ISO P or ISO K materials. The presence of a short (0.6mm, 0.024in) parallel land ensures a good surface finish. The large screw ensures easy handling, while the insert position and the heptagonal insert shape make clamping exceptionally secure for reliable face milling operations. Internal coolant is available on all cutters, which range from 63 to 160mm (2.5 to 6.0in).

Providing an example of the potential gains on offer, a customer trial application showed impressive benefits when face milling a machine bed component made from cast CMC ST52 (165 HB) on an ISO-50 gantry mill. A 125mm (5in) CoroMill 745 with 25° entering angle reduced cycle time per component by 40 per cent in comparison with a competitor tool.


The high-feed CoroMill 745 with 25° entering angle complements CoroMill 745 with 42° entering angle.