Industry-standard machine handles from Rencol Components

Rencol has been designing, developing and manufacturing machine handles since the middle of last century. Thanks to decades of experience, customer feedback and continuous product development, Rencol’s range of machine handles has grown and evolved to include thousands of variations and many specialist handles for machine builders.

From pull handles to fixed and rotating handles, to clamping handles and adjustable tension levers, Rencol’s range is comprehensive and constantly growing.

Selecting the right handle is generally determined by a combination of function, application environment, size and cost. A simple pull handle is often used on machine doors, access panels, cabinets and enclosures. Specialist handles such as ledge handles, safety handles and foot-step handles fulfil specific needs and provide improved safety or combine multiple functions in one component.

Fixed and rotating handles are used to adjust, pull, push, locate and rotate objects.

Machine handles are commonly manufactured from thermoplastic, with stainless steel and aluminium less commonly used but favoured for use in harsher environments.

Thermoplastics provides an excellent strength to weight and cost ratio while still being resistant to oils, solvents and heat. Stainless steel is preferred in wet and clean environments while aluminium handles are most often used on electrical and switch enclosures.

Whatever your machine handle requirements it is likely that Rencol will have a handle to suit your machine build. Full specifications are available online including downloadable 3D CAD files. Speak to Rencol’s technical sales team for product advice, availability and pricing.