Comprehensive Range of Clamping Handles from Rencol Components

Rencol Components began manufacturing clamping handles and levers in the 1980’s. Today, Rencol’s range of clamping handles includes a comprehensive range of sizes, materials and handle designs to suit a multitude of applications.


Clamping handles consist of a handle, button, boss, and either a female thread or male threaded stud. To disengage the lever, depress the button which will allow the user to rotate the handle to the desired position and then re-engage the ratchet to tighten or loosen the clamping mechanism.


The core of Rencol’s clamping handle range is it’s glass-filled, high impact resistant thermoplastic handles. For most applications, a plastic clamping handle is sufficiently strong and durable, while remaining light weight and lower cost when compared to metal clamping handles.


Rencol’s thermoplastic clamping handles are available with handle lengths of between 42mm to 104mm, threads from M5 to M16, and where a male thread is specified, thread lengths from 10mm to 50mm.


Rencol generally supplies plastic handles in black with black or red caps. while various other handle and cap RAL colour combinations can be manufactured, most commonly red, black, grey, white, blue, green, yellow or orange.


Clamping handles with coloured cap have two benefits. Firstly, it is immediately obvious where to press to disengage the clamping lever. This is often vital in safety critical environments. Secondly, some choose a coloured cap which matches the colour scheme of their machine, equipment or furniture, adding a subtle ‘finishing touch’ to their product.


Some particularly demanding applications will require the strength and durability of metal clamping handles. Rencol manufactures two high-strength options; a die-cast zinc, powder coated black handle and a fully stainless-steel clamping handle. Where the handle regularly exposed to water then a stainless-steel clamping handle is the ideal solution.


Rencol holds large stocks at it’s Bristol based, UK warehouse. Minimum order quantities are low and their technical sales team is able to advise on product selection, as well as modifications and custom products.