Kemet Offer Intelligent Aqueous Cleaning

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Kemet international provide intelligent aqueous cleaning solutions covering a wide range of industry demanding applications.

Offering a complete turnkey solution to your cleaning requirements. Whether it’s a completely new cleaning project or a review of an existing one, Kemet can help you find the optimal solutions to your cleaning requirements.

Kemet has a dedicated test centre with the latest equipment including the new Versa Genius+ system packed with a host of features available for testing. We aim to ensure all requirements have been considered and ensure the necessary equipment is specified. Aqueous cleaning can be challenging, the key to an effective and efficient solution requires both the chemistry and equipment to work in harmony.

Kemet has over 300 cleaning solutions, designed specifically to meet the needs of know applications and their regulations. We also have the resources of our partners at NGL’s Laboratories where their chemists study, formulate, develop and manufacture cleaning solutions. Assisting in process validation and approval of preliminary tests, the results and checks save time in the development of customer projects, and guidance and assistance in preparing specifications for equipment investment.

The new Corus Activa ultrasonic cleaner with a built-in loading platform. This answers the need to clean complex large heavy components without a fully automated transport system. The sturdy platform makes loading and unloading of parts easy and safe. The platform also provides dunking movement during the treatment cycle, which results in the fastest and more uniform cleaning with ultrasound.

The Sonett automatic single-chamber cleaning machine. A compact multitalented single-chamber cleaning machine. It cleans particles and soluble contaminants from components using spray, immersion, ultrasonic, basket rotation, hot air and vacuum techniques. Excellent for bulk materials or complex components with blind holes and small clearances.

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