LEDs incorporate high-efficacy option


The recently upgraded Cree XLamp XT-E LEDs incorporates key elements of Cree’s SC5 Technology Platform and now includes a new high-efficacy (HE) option that delivers a 25 per cent increase in efficacy compared to the previous XT-E LED and provides a guaranteed minimum efficacy of 164 lumens per watt (LPW) at 85˚C and 350mA.

These improvements make 130 LPW or higher at the system level achievable under real operating conditions, and enable existing customers to quickly upgrade system performance of applications, such as outdoor and industrial lighting, while still achieving the lowest total cost.

The Cree XLamp XT-E LEDs, which are now available from Mouser, are optimised for directional, high-lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits. The high-efficacy XT-E LEDs deliver the benefits of the XT-E platform – a compact, 3.45 × 3.45mm package and established ecosystem – enabling designers to simplify the design process and shorten time to market.

The XT-E LEDs now have more than 10,000 hours of LM-80 data available, delivering reported L90 lifetimes of greater than 60,000 hours, at 105˚C and 1A. The XLamp XT-E LEDs are suitable for applications such as outdoor and high bay lighting that require long lifetimes at high ambient temperatures. The LEDs offer a maximum driver current of 1.5A with low thermal resistance of 5˚C per watt, and a wide viewing angle of 115 degrees.