Lifting equipment has working load limits starting from 0.6–250 tonnes

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Rud lifting equipment is used across a wide range of working environments from offshore, heavy-duty engineering and handling, rail, military, manufacturing and construction. Its products have working load limits starting from 0.6–250 tonnes.

The WBPG hoist ring offers its highest lifting capability of 85-250 tonnes that makes it a suitable choice for many heavy engineering, handling and offshore projects. The WBPG is loadable from any side in the direction of the pivot meaning it is suitable for lifting and turning of heavy loads. It has the ability to rotate 360° and swivel 180˚. The WBPG comes with a detachable suspension ring in the shape of a shackle for the attachment of common lifting means.

Rud’s heavy-duty lifting products offer numerous safety factors and advantages to the operator and equipment being lifted. The Rud VRBG load ring on plate for bolting can be supplied with four bolts offering a working load capacity of 10-16 tonnes or it can be supplied with six/eight bolts, which offers a higher working load capacity of 31.5-50 tonnes.

It can be loaded at 90° to the vertical with a full working load limit, the suspension ring pivots 180° and offers a safety factor of 4:1 in all load directions. The VRBG is typically used across heavy engineering, shipbuilding, turbine lifting, steel structure assemblies and in lifting and final positioning of new machinery.

The Rud VRBS and VRBS Fix is part of its lifting point for welding product range. The VRBS load ring on plate for welding offers a load capacity of 50 tonne and the VRBS Fix offers a higher load capacity of up to 100 tonne.

The VRBS and VRBS Fix are typically used in heavy lifting of fabrication. They can be used for lifting the fabrication during the manufacturing process, lifting the fabrication onto transport and doubling up as lashing points for the transportation.